Opening Ceremony of Sino-Germany Cooperative Dual Bachelor-Training Program held in Taicang

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The Conference

    Taicang, September 26th,The opening ceremony of Sino-Germany Cooperative  Dual Bachelor-Training Program was held in Taicang, which has launched the “2.0 era” of the China-Germany “Dual System” education.

Unveiling the Program

    Deputy party secretary of Southeast University Ren Lijian said in his speech that “the Sino-Germany Cooperative Dual Bachelor-Training Program” is an attempt to cultivate high quality applied talents for the Southeast University Chengxian College. Through the introduction of German dual system’s training mode, he also hoped that the combination of industry and education could be achieved to cultivate lots of high-level technical management talents with craftsman spirit for Taicang area and even the future China’s manufacturing industry, which could also be a successful case for the China-Germany Cooperation teaching mode program to cultivate applied talents for colleges and universities.

Starting the Initiate Button Together

    Deputy party secretary of Southeast University Ren Lijian and Director of the High-tech Administrative Committee Wang Hongxing unveiled the Sino-Germany Cooperative Dual Bachelor-Training Program. Deputy Mayor of Taicang Gu Jiangkang and main guests at the conference started the initiate button together for the first stage of the program.

Group Photo of Guests and Students