The Institute of Digital Manufacture Established in Southeast University Chengxian College

2018-12-05Essay/Yan HongxiaPhoto/Yuan RuijunTranslation/Yuan RuijunProofread/Zhang Wuyi

Unveiling the Institute of Digital Manufacture

    The Institute of Digital Manufacture was held an opening ceremony by Southeast University Chengxian College and Siemens Industrial Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on November 7th. Prof. Zheng Jiamao, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Southeast University of CPC, President of Chengxian College and Mr. Chen Zhiguang, Chief Inspector of Partner Development and Management of the Siemens Industry Software, unveiled together the Institute of Digital Manufacture. Mr. Li Baoxiang, General Manager of Beijing Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhou Yimin, General Manager of Nanjing Yizhiheng Software Co., Ltd., and the leaders of Chengxian College, the heads from the Office of Academic Affairs and the schools, as well as teachers and students from School of Mechanics & Electricity, all participated in the opening ceremony. Prof. Zheng Jianyong, Executive Vice-president of Chengxian College, hosted the ceremony.

    Firstly, Prof. Zheng Jiamao, President of Southeast University Chengxian College delivered a speech. He indicated that the establishment of the Institute of Digital Manufacture would enhance our school's talent training to fit the industry, gather education and industry experience, be learner-centered, offer the professional position ability as fundamental, and use enterprise position model as the standard to cultivate the talents whom the society and the industry really needed. Mr. Chen Zhiguang, Chief Inspector, Siemens congratulated the establishment of the Institute of Digital Manufacture. He said that Siemens PLM also hopes to cooperate with Southeast University Chengxian Collegeto to explore a new path of talent cultivation. The cooperation prospects between two sides will be widely.

    Professor Liu Deyi, Executive Dean of the School of Mechanics & Electricity, introduced the comprehensive reform program of the Institute of Digital Manufacture. In his opinion, Chengxian College and Siemens will carry out in-depth cooperation in professional construction, talent training, teacher training, joint training center, and internship employment. The Institute of Digital Manufacture is based on the needs of Siemens Industrial Software for the talent of the digital design and digital manufacturing. To set up mechanical manufacturing and automation (including digital design and manufacturing, digital process design and manufacturing, etc.), and declare a new speciality- intelligent manufacturing services engineering to cultivate engineering and application-oriented undergraduate talents with highly skilled and proficient in digital design and manufacturing technology, who are urgent need in manufacturing enterprises .